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Vinegar distribution

Among the strengths of the Acetificio Lenzi, besides the great variety and quality of its proposal, there is certainly the attention to the logistic aspect of its activity.

Deliver fast and secure anywhere

This Venetian vinegar producer, in fact, undertakes Vinegar Distribution in bulk throughout Italy and also abroad, at all times ensuring the utmost speed and punctuality in deliveries, thanks to its logistic resources and highly professional staff.

An extensive sales network has enabled Acetificio Lenzi to command a leading position in the industry, ensuring optimal commercial distribution efficiency and continuity in this sector.


Under the current management of Mario Artusi, the company produces bulk wine vinegar primarily for the following food specialist areas:

  • canneries
  • balsamic vinegar production
  • sauces and condiments
  • marinated fish
  • bakeries
  • meat processing.

Further market

The Acetificio Lenzi customer base also includes manufacturers that use vinegar as a process element as well as other sectors not related to food such as sanitisation, cosmetics, etc.


Further to our undisputed commitment to quality, we pay great attention to logistics, ensuring fast delivery with our own vehicles. We also operate a collection service for wine producerswho wish to offload surplus stocks for vinegar production.