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The history of our Wine Vinegar Company

The Acetificio Lenzi firm has been present in Mira as a vinegar producer since the end of the 1800s, it became the property of the Artusi family in 1951.

The current management

The company currently managed by Mario Artusi produces and distributes internationally bulk wine vinegars for canneries, producers of balsamic vinegar, producers of sauces and condiments, marinated fish processing facilities, bakeries and meat processing facilities.


The experience acquired with each passing generation, the adoption of increasingly more modern technologies and the acquisition of new production areas have allowed the company to operate to this day without altering the values of its craftsmanship and location context.

The Vinegar Factory

Thanks to its well-organised company structure, both in terms of vinegar production and distribution, Acetificio Lenzi is today considered the leader in the sector, ensuring timely delivery and efficient customer service, with the assurance of reliable preservation of all the intrinsic characteristics of the products.


In 2013, the firm achieved certification for the production of organic vinegars in accordance with EC 848/2018 regulations. We also operate a quality system under ISO 9001:2008 certification.

All processing stages occur in our laboratory, with full product traceability ensured by dedicated software resources and rigorously applied control criteria. Specific detailed analyses are also carried out by various external certified laboratories.